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By: Yanna Darilis

Kos has been one of the most visited destinations in Greece, known as the island of the ancient Greek father of medicine Hippocrates, her endless sandy beaches, turquoise sea, luxurious 5 star hotels and recently famed for her fine dining experience.

The beautiful large island encompasses a city beach life. The people of Kos are known for their traditional Greek hospitality, and cultivation of natural resources, as well as the biking island as the local mostly use this form of transportation because of her flat land.

Kos is very easy to get to with direct international flights and many flights offered daily from Athens, as well as an organized and well maintained harbor and marina. The marina is romantic and lined with various boats that can take you on daily excursions to other amazing neighboring islands such as Patmos, Kalymnos and Simi.

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Ideagen EU 2030 Summit in Greece

Twenty one speakers from leading companies, public sector organizations, and NGO's of global level spoke at the Global Goals Inaugural Ideagen EU 2030 Summit, which took place on July 31, 2019 in Athens, Greece.

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Greece: Auction limits are being lowered

A gentlemen’s agreement was reached by the government and the bankers to reduce the auction’s value threshold to 50,000 euros, perhaps even lower. In recent years there has been an informal gentlemen’s agreement between governments and banks, with the former pushing the latter to keep the informal boundaries as high as possible for social reasons.

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