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Yanna Darilis

Yanna Darilis

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International Greek Film Sensation: World’s Apart (VIDEO)

The latest film success of three love stories taking place in Greece is "World's Apart" by Greek director and writer Christopher Papakaliatis. This writer, director and actor brilliantly depicts the reality of different generations facing the current Greek economic crisis, that has overshadowed the country for almost a decade.

Running on the Wall with Alex Anastasiadis

Alex Anastasiadis is dedicated to the ancient Greek philosophy that the mind body and soul are one. As a Greek from Thessaloniki, living in the United States, Alex continues promoting health and fitness through running after graduating with a Physical Education Degree from one of the nation's best Physical Education programs, Queens College.

Destination: Messinia - By Yanna Darilis

Nothing beats driving through Greece’s southern region of the Peloponnese on a beautiful summer day. Your eyes are fixed on the endless waves of olive trees that have blessed this land for centuries.

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