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Yanna Darilis

Yanna Darilis

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United Nations Recreational Staff Council - Salus Wellness - Network; Rooted For Peace Event (Video - Pics)

The United Nations Recreational Staff Council's Salus Wellness Network's President, Susana Bastarrica, Public Relations Officer, Alvaro Calderon and Event Planner, Ethan Melazzo, held a panel discussion showcasing the Award winning Feature film "Rooted in Peace". The panel discussion with award winning director Greg Reitman was moderated by Yanna Darilis, and had distinguished panelists who head up initiatives with their foundations that are helping to raise awareness and change the world.

MANIFESTO- 13 Shades of Blanchett’s Characters - By Yanna Darilis

Julian Rosefeldt's powerful poetic monologues come to life through the artist- filmmaker's Manifesto, a 13 short film installation staged at the Park Avenue Armory of New York. The Scenes depict different artistic expressions inspired by the literary work of Karl Marx, Dadaism, Minimalism, Futurism & Surrealism, just to name a few. The scenes question the origination of art and man's role in viewing it.

"World's Apart", Depiction of Current Greek Society

By Yanna Darilis

Three love stories simultaneously take place in "World's Apart" by Greek director, writer & actor Christopher Papakaliatis. The writer, director, actor, brilliantly depicts the reality of different generations facing the current Greek economic crisis, that has overshadowed the country for almost a decade.Christopher Papakaliatis is considered by many as one of Greece's most talented director, writer and actor. He has mastered story telling through intertwining, and interchanging parallel tales that are heart warming and very real.

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