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French policeman reprimanded for wearing "Molon Lave" patch

Featured French policeman reprimanded for wearing "Molon Lave" patch

A furor was caused when a man of the French police special team, placed a patch on his uniform with the ancient Spartan motto "Molon Lave" (ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ = "come and take [them]" which was what Leonidas told Xerxes at Thermopylae.

The officer is depicted wearing the motto "Mole Lave", which is also a motto for the NRA, on his outfit. The famous Greek historical phrase of Leonidas in Thermopylae to Xerxes has been linked to the far right in the world.

According to French law and the statutes of the French armed forces, it is considered illegal to display a message or symbol associated with political or economic movements on a uniformy.

The matter came to the French Interior Minister, who ordered an inquiry for the incident. According to French media, a reprimand for the uniform is planned.

The phrase is a motto of the National Riffle Association (NRA), which has even ordered and manufactured a firearm in which the ancient Greek phrase is engraved on the barrel.

"Mole Lave", however, is increasingly associated with far-right views and positions, adulterating its true meaning.