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Record breaking heatwave strikes Europe

Featured Record breaking heatwave strikes Europe

Spain and Portugal will be hit with an extreme heatwave which could see the hottest-ever temperatures recorded in continental Europe.

This comes as the heatwave which has hit across Europe and the UK is expected to continue following more comfortable temperatures this week, with high temperatures expected across the continent and in parts of the UK.

A British Met Office meteorologist said the current record of 48C in Athens, Greece, in 1977 could be broken as a wave of blisteringly hot air sweeps in from Africa.

Scorching temperatures have also devastated crops across northern Europe, with parts of France and northern Germany showing serious damage to wheat yields.

Sweltering heat has also hit parts of Russia and Romania, as well as Scandinavia and Baltic states.

Temperatures crept into the low 40s yesterday and are expected to rise and peak at the weekend, with the highs expected inland rather than in coastal areas.

He added that these sorts of temperatures are not only exceptional for the locals but tourists will never really have experienced them.

Temperatures in southwest France could also rise to the high 30s.

Portugal is on high alert due to the expected temperatures, with the government warning of a high risk of forest fires.

The highest temperature on record in Portugal was 47.3C in 2003, in the southern Alentejo region.

Several places in the Alentejo are forecast to reach 47C this Saturday, while Lisbon could reach 43C, which is highly unusual for Portugal’s capital by the sea.