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FinMin Probes Uninsured Labor

Labor minister, Yannis Vroutsis has announced an all-out assault on the labor market and massive fines for undeclared employees, following a broad meeting at the ministry on this issue. Checks will begin on Sunday.
According to ministry information, 1175 controllers along with the police financial crime squad will conduct spot checks to ferret out "black" employment, which is estimated to have cost the state and social security funds 6 billion euros in revenues in 2012.
The fine for each uninsured foreign national employed is now pegged at 16,050 euros, while for Greek nationals at 5,000 euros less. Now, it will rise to 26,000 euros for any uninsured/undeclared employee. In the case of a repeat of the phenomenon the business will be shut down temporarily, or permanently, depending on circumstances.

Tsohatzopoulos Addicted to Crime Says Prosecutor

The guilty verdict for 12 of the 19 defendants in the Tsohatzopoulos case was demanded today, by criminal tribunal prosecutor Georgia Adilini.
More specifically she demanded that the court find guilty former minister Akis Tsohatzopoulos, his wife Vicky Stamati, His daughter Areti, his erstwhile associate, and foormer secretary general for military procurements Yannis Sbokos, as well as for five more defendants (including Tsohatzopoulos' ex-wife Gudrun) but without the charges of continuous misdeeds. The prosecutor asked that two defendants be found not guilty.
Ms Adilini fiercely attacked the former minister in her closing statement, saying that he ignored those that trusted him. She also spoke of overwhelming evidence of his accepting bribes to such an extent that he himself was unable to calculate their sum.
The second prosecutor in the case, Panayotis Panayiotopoulos, said Tsohatzopoulos was addicted to crime.

Chairman of JCS Cancels Visit to Greece

Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, general Martin Dempsey has postponed his scheduled visit to Greece because of the conditions in Syria and the general turmoil in the SE Mediterranean. General Dempsey, was scheduled to visit Greece on 15 September, after an invitation extended by his Greek counterpart, general Kostarakos.
The Chairman JCS was to be in Greece, between 15-17 September for crucial talks on the realization of measures agreed upon during the recent visits, to the US, of defense minister Avramopoulos, and later the PM, Antonis Samaras.
According to our sources at the ministry of defense, the visit has been postponed and will be rescheduled, for an unspecified time, as general Dempsey's schedule has been totally overturned by events.

Hellenic Navy Extends Medical Care to Remote Islands.

The General Support Ship of the Hellenic Navy, Prometheus, has begun its mission of proscriptive medical support and examinations for citizens living on remote islands, from the island of Gavdos the southernmost area of Greece, 48 klms from Crete.
The floating hospital offers initial medical examination and treatment and is staffed by doctors from eight different fields of medicine, while also offering a full recovery unit, a surgery, an ICU , patients ward, radiology and microbiology labs, and a dental surgery. Patients needing additional care will be taken to military hospitals.
H.N. Prometheus ( Α-374) is the largest ship in the Hellenic Navy (actually, ever), displacing 13,400 tons. It was built at Elefsis shipyards using the designs of the Italian Navy's ETNA class.

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