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UNSG Special Envoy Declares Unique Cypriot Opportunities

United Nations Secretary General's Special Envoy for Cyprus Espen Barth Eide believes that right now is a unique time of opportunity for the island.

Eide spoke at the "Planning Our European Future" panel in Limassol, where he discussed the situation in Cyprus. The UNSG Special Envoy stated, "I strongly urge Cypriot leaders and all the Cypriots to make sure you think of the economic viability of the solution, because you are creating a Federal Cyprus that works economically, that creates opportunities for further goals."

Eide added, "It also my sense that today in this climate, where stars are aligned, is that Turkey also wants a solution. I know Turkey very well, I know all the top leaders in Turkey from my previous jobs and I feel very strongly that they also want to reach to a solution," according to Parikiaki.

The United Nations delegate mentioned that both Cypriot leaders dined together in Limassol back in May, "I want to share with you that in that dinner, I immediately sensed during the first minutes that in front of me they were two leaders who were ready to change the future of Cyprus. In all the meetings we had, formal and social, I can say that this has been confirmed."

The United Nations expert described, "There is a lot of work remaining. I think we will make it but I don't know and I want to be very honest about that. Great things have been achieved but a lot of work remains before the two leaders will be able to come out and say we have a deal that we will present to the people."

UN-approved dialogue between Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades and Turkish-Cypriot chief Mustafa Akinci restarted in May, after Anastasiades pulled out of discussions due to illegal EEZ activities by Turkey.