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How much Greece owes and how many billions it will draw from the markets

A loan strategy similar to that of 2021 has been planned by the financial staff for next year. The issues by the Public Debt Management Agency (P.D.M.A.) are going to reach 10 -12 billion euros, while the creation of a framework for the issuance of Greek government “green” bonds is in the works. The lending strategy is built given the high cash flow, the expected increased Community disbursements, and the relatively limited financing needs for 2022. The financing needs of the Greek government, according to the data, for the repayment of bonds and the payment of installments of bilateral loans in 2022 amount to 10.55 billion euros compared to 48.5 billion euros this year.

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Greek bond yields fall to new historic lows

Greek state bond yields fell to new historic record lows on Tuesday a day after a Eurogroup meeting agreed to conclude a third review of the Greek programme and to begin technical talks on debt relief measures.

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