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Troika deadlocked with BoG

Today's meeting between the auditors and Bank of Greece governor Yiannis Provopoulos ended in total disagreement about the recapitalization of Greek banks. The two sides are sticking to their guns, with the governor saying the need is for 5.5 to 6 billion and the Troika representatives insisting it is closer to 20 billion.

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Bank of Greece governor on Greecovery in London

His job is to assess the state of Greek economy, report on it to the parliament and the prime minister and occasionally do it on the road. Bank of Greece governor Giorgos Provopoulos was in London on Friday to report on the state of the Greek economy, taking part in a series of lectures of the Monetary & Credit Golden Forum in the City.

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Will Greek banks require recapitalization?

Greek banks are likely to need additional capital after results of a health check are finalised this month, the country's central bank said potentially threatening government plans.

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