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Qatargate: Panzeri's and Giorgi's relations with Morocco - Kaili's role

"Do you also have wads of cash at home?", is the question MEPs are hearing these days, according to foreign media reports, and not without reason. The investigation by the Belgian authorities continues, revealing more and more evidence about the activities of the ring and how the factory operated with the Qatari lobbies and more.

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Eva Kaili to spend Christmas in prison

The information that wanted Eva Kaili to spend the holidays in prison was confirmed last night, with the publication of the decision of the Belgian Prosecutor's Office to extend the pre-trial detention of the MEP involved in Qatargate.

Ms. Kaili, who was accompanied by her lawyers, filed a request to be released from prison and remain at home with a bracelet until the trial. In fact, the Kylie side suggested monitoring her cell phone and only having contact with her child.

However, due to the seriousness of the case and the evidence that the prosecutor has in his hands, he decided that Eva Kaili should remain in prison.

Why was it decided to extend the pretrial detention?

The judge's decision, according to information, was based on the assessment that by releasing her from prison and returning home, she may destroy evidence of the investigation,

"With its decision this morning, the council extended the pre-trial detention of E.K. by one month. If he appeals against this decision within 24 hours, he will appear before the charge division of the Brussels Court of Appeal within 15 days.

In the interest of the investigation, no further information will be released at this time. The press will be informed of the latest developments in this case through press releases." the court said in its statement.

Kidnapping risk

The advocate of the former vice-president of the European Parliament, Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, talked about the negative climate that existed in the last few hours for Eva Kaili, while he spoke about the pressure that the Belgian prosecutor received from the media and the political environment of the EU.

It is worth noting that the Belgian prosecutor, according to what was revealed by Mr. Dimitrakopoulos, raised the issue of the "kidnapping" of Eva Kaili by Qatar.

As the prosecutor said, there is a risk that "the Qatari secret forces will send spies to take her to Qatar", with Michalis Dimitrakopoulos replying that "there is a risk that the Qatari troops will send to occupy Brussels and able to kidnap Mrs. Kaili."

In a bad psychological state

It is recalled that the Greek MEP is facing charges of corruption and money laundering, but the most important charge is that of participating in a criminal organization, since in case she is convicted of the latter, her prison sentence can reach up to 15 years.

The Greek MEP is in a bad psychological state and continues to maintain that she did not know or participate in what her partner did.

Now, she and her attorneys will try in the coming days to convince judicial authorities of the need for her parole.

Before the decision of the judicial authorities became known, the MEP's lawyer had mentioned that Eva Kaili feels troubled and betrayed by her partner.

"The money was Panzeri's"

As it became known yesterday, and before the decision to extend her pre-trial detention, Eva Kaili is said to have declared to the authorities that the money in the suitcase belonged to Pantseri.

"The money belonged to Panaeri. The money in the suitcase was not mine, nor was it Francesco's," Eva Kaili is said to have told the authorities, as reported by the Italian newspaper "Il fatto Quotidiano".

She also pointed out that it was not the first time Panzeri had brought cash to the house where she lived with her partner, Francesco Giorgi. "Before the coronavirus he had left some money and then he came and took it. She trusts Francesco more than his apartment," Eva Kaili reportedly told the authorities.

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