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Have we Lost our Marbles? - By George Kourmouzis

The ongoing debate over the rightful possession and display of the sculptures Lord Elgin removed from the Acropolis 200 years ago dates back to 1983, when Greece submitted its first official request for their return.

Ten Years After - By George Courmouzis

On the 10th Anniversary of the opening of the 2004 Athens Summer Olympic Games, the international press sent a stark reminder to the world of what can go wrong with the undertaking of the Olympic Games. Photos of derelict sport facilities sitting idle amidst garbage and the reminder that Greece went bankrupt a few years later, ostensibly as a result of frivolous spending spree related to the Olympic built-up. Beijing's and Sochi's billions were also mentioned to question the feasibility of hosting modern day Summer Games as per the specifications and expectations of the IOC and the Olympic Movement stakeholders (28 sports federations, athletes, spectators, press, broadcasters, sponsors and various other interests).

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