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"World's Apart", Depiction of Current Greek Society

By Yanna Darilis

Three love stories simultaneously take place in "World's Apart" by Greek director, writer & actor Christopher Papakaliatis. The writer, director, actor, brilliantly depicts the reality of different generations facing the current Greek economic crisis, that has overshadowed the country for almost a decade.Christopher Papakaliatis is considered by many as one of Greece's most talented director, writer and actor. He has mastered story telling through intertwining, and interchanging parallel tales that are heart warming and very real.

He tastefully combines love, drama and comedy, and unites them into a single narrative in the end. In each story of the film, a Greek falls in love with a foreigner during a time of turmoil and an interpretation of the power of love begins to unfold.

Papakaliatis manages to impeccably depict the true current Greek society through his film making, bringing him international attention and acclaim.

Worlds Apart Official US Trailer from Cinema Libre Studio on Vimeo.

This foreign film is a must see for those interested in getting a better idea about the Greek financial and refugee crisis that Greece's society faces today. World's Apart has been invited to take part in many international film festivals, and will debut at Village East Cinema's in New york this January 2017.

The cast includes: Christopher Papakaliatis, Oscar & Golden Globe Award winner, J.K Simmons, Hellenic Film Academy Winner, Minas Chatzisavvas, Andrea Osvart, Maria Kavoyianni, Niki Vakali, Tawfeek Barhom, Odysseas Papaspiliopoulos, and Matthaios Korovesis