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Pantelis Voulgaris’ Little England on Netflix, DVD, Amazon Instant Video and iTunes

Following the successful film festival and semi-theatrical release of Little England, Corinth Films has set dates for the film's debut on Netflix and Home Video. Little England is the Oscar Award shortlist submission from Greece for Best Foreign Language Film directed and produced by husband and wife team Pantelis Voulgaris and Ioanna Karystiani (upon whose earlier book the script is based) about tumultuous love stories that take place on the picturesque Greek island of Andros before and after World War II among ship owning families who are notorious for fracturing familial and marital bonds in order to protect their social and financial standing.

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Ο Έλληνας βασιλιάς του Netflix

Ο Τεντ Σαράντος, μάνατζερ της ιντερνετικής πλατφόρμας Netflix, θεωρείται ο γκουρού που ανοίγει νέους ορίζοντες στην κραταιά αγορά της ψυχαγωγίας.  

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