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New Greek TV Exclusive Interview with famed film actor and producer Christopher Papakaliatis

Translation By Lisa Darilis

Famous actor and producer, Christopher Papakaliatis, who recently won recognition in his film "What If" ("Av") at the Greek Film Festival, spoke to New Greek T.V. journalist Christos Georgalas about his new upcoming film, which he said is open to the possibility of including some famous American actors. Papakaliatis shared with us his thoughts on topics such as his recent screening of "If" in New York, his vying for the Golden Globe nomination, the economic crisis in Greece, and about his future plans.

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Surreal Story

By Christos Georgalas

(Translation By Lisa Darilis)

It was evening, and the lights that decorated the streets were as bright as if they were Christmas lights. Their reflection could be seen in the clouds, having created an impression, as if it were taken out of a cosmopolitan movie scene of "Blade Runner."

Papakaliatis Film "What If" is a big hit with american audiences

Translation By Lisa Darilis

Who would have imagined that such a renown theater as the Ziegfield Theater on Broadway in New York City would present to audiences a Greek made film! This was accomplished by actor, director, and writer, Christopher Papakaliatis with his film "What If " (or "Av" in Greek) as part of the 7th Annual New York City Greek Film Festival, which is running from October 3rd through October 16th.

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