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OXI Day foundation celebrates 28 October (vid)

The "OXI DAY FOUNDATION", the foundation created by the well-known Greek-American lobbyists Andy and Mike Manatos to keep the historical memory alive, has a special guest φορ this year, October 28th.

Huge merchant ship cuts minesweeper "Kallisto" in two

A serious naval accident this morning just outside the port of Piraeus, when a merchant ship rammed the minesweeper "Kallisto", with the result that the Navy ship tilted.

At the moment, the drug hunter "Kallisto" is being towed to Piraeus.

The accident happened around 07:30 in the morning, when the cargo ship Maersk Launceston, which was transporting a container, just outside the port of Piraeus collided with the mine-hunting "Kallisto". There was a controlled inflow of water on the warship and it took a big incline, however there is no reason for concern. It is currently being towed to the port of Piraeus and everyone hopes that the ship will be saved and will not sink.

Two people on the warship, carrying a total of 27 people, were slightly injured in the collision and were taken to hospital as a precaution.