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Russian diplomatic row engulfs Athens and Skopje

The Prespes agreement on the name of FYROM has evolved into a difficult puzzle for the government,.

The puzzle was further complicated by the spy thriller that is under way, which began with the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Athens and was further complicated yesterday with Zoran Zaev's allegations of involvement of Russian businessmen who are alleged to have paid people from FYROM money from $ 13,000 to $ 21,000 to commit violent actions in view of the crucial referendum.

Zae's complaints

Indeed, more oil was poured on the fire by Buzzfeed, who, following what the FYROM prime minister said, noted that Russian - Greek businessman Ivan Savvidis reportedly transferred funds to FYROM in a series of payments. Some money was transported in cash and illegally crossed the Greek border, while other methods were not specified.

Savvidis' Anger 

But the reaction of the Savidis side was angry and straightforward. He spoke of "a totally false and highly libelous publication" and announced recourse to the Justice, through the filing of a lawsuit against the specific website.

Explanations are also being demanded in Greece

Officials of the Greek government are expected to request detailed information on the actions of the Russians deported, but also on the tactics that the government will take to support the Prespes agreement in the Greek Parliament.

Awaiting the response of Moscow

Within the week, Moscow's response to the expulsion of two Russian diplomats from Athens is expected, as the spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry has called for Greek correspondents to be informed.

The expulsion of the two Russian diplomats, and the banning of another two for illegal action against Greece over the name agreement, has provoked the irritation of the Russian government, although Athens kept low tones.