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The value of EDS energy bought by Greek PPC in FYROM is worth nothing

The value of EDS, the energy company of the vice-president and close associate Zoran Zaev, bought by Greek PPC in Skopje, is zero.

According to SKAI television, which published the company's balance sheet, it has negative capital, its assets are no more than $ 600,000, it has 40% of the industry's losses and only 11% of the turnover.

At the same time, the company's credit rating index, purchased by PPC two months before the Prespa agreement, for the amount of 4.8m euros, is negative and has written losses for 2017.

It should be noted that the Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. George Stathakis, declared that the acquisition of EDS by PPC was absolutely legitimate, even by launching an attack on the New Democrfacy party, which raised specific questions for the agreement.

"PPC is listed in the Stock Exchange and has an expansionist strategy in the Balkans. The acquisition in Skopje took place last year and is perfectly legitimate. I wonder what New Democracy remembers, it's probably run out of arguments and has opened the closet trying to create a climate. The government does not approve, nor reject, here was a general meeting of the shareholders approving the acquisition."

The subject had aroused a storm of reaction with the opposition raising serious questions. In particular, the ND and KINAL opposition parties are calling for the deal to come to the House as there are gray points, while its acquisition time two months before the Prespes agreement raises many questions, according to MPs.