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Albanian journalist accuses Eddie Rama of "shooting" Katsifas with the backing of Turkey

Albanian reporter Kastriot Miftarai of the televion channel "Ora News," on his show " Moscow Speaking!", accused Prime Minister Edi Rama of acting in the murder case of Kostantinos Katsifas with "Turkish backing", which the journalist considers "dangerous".

As Miftarai claimed in the episode in Vouliarates, Rama relied on Turkey's support to oppose Greece.

From the point of view of international relations, the incident translates that Rama relied on Turkey's Armed Forces against Greece, daring to "fire" at Greece, with Turkey behind it.

This is how the world sees the episode, says Miftarai, when RENEA dares to execute a Greek Minority member, with Greek citizenship. It can not be explained otherwise.

Throughout this story, we see a restraint on the Greek side and that, not because Rama is playing "nice guy" with the Greeks, but because Greece expects that the more it pushes Albania, the more it will push it into the embrace of Turkey.

It is not easy and simple to shoot and kill someone when you know that this can seriously disturb bilateral relations.

In this case, the first decision is taken by the country's top leadership (ie Prime Minister Edi Rama). This explains Rama's posts on twitter.

If Albania in this episode had Turkey's support against Greece, this is dangerous, explains Miftarai, because Turkey will demand high returns.

A tough stance, a legal attitude, to defend national interests against Greece, at the cost of subordination to Turkey, is not worth anything, and even more dangerous than a policy of flexibility towards Greece. For example, the police could have let Konstantinos Katsifas escape.