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Stefanos Kasselakis Meets With Members Of The Omogeneia In Tribeca

During his visit to the Terroir in Tribeca on Friday, Stefanos Kasselakis spoke with members of SYRIZA in the US and with various members of the omogeneia who had gathered to meet him.


The president of SYRIZA did not give any statements to the media, but when asked about Nikos Filis’ statement regarding the removal of Stefanos Tzoumakas, Kasselakis said: "I was the one who won the elections."

At the gathering, about 50 young expatriates gathered. Kasselakis was sociable with all the guests, while some attendees wished him success in his political career. The president also spoke to members of the community regarding his progressive policies.

The gathering was also attended by Othonas Iliopoulos, Member of Parliament for SYRIZA. Regarding the removal of Tzoumaka, Iliopoulos said that it is not a party split, as had been previously stated. 

Member of SYRIZA New York Antonis Goudalakis said the gathering was a success and brought together young people interested in getting to know the "modern left the president is promoting.”