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Gastrade's FSRU at the anchorage of Alexandroupolis port

The specially designed tanker of Gastrade, the offshore natural gas storage and regasification unit - about 300 meters long - which was converted into an FSRU at the Keppel shipyard in Singapore, sailed into the berth of Alexandroupolis port on Sunday. 

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Wildfires in Greece: Unprecedented images in Alexandroupolis – Intubated patients in tents at the port

The fire in Alexandroupoli rages uncontrollably for the third day in a row, with the fiery front threatening the city's university hospital and the images in the city's port creating shock. At the first light of day they aerial means began fighting the fires.

Dozens of patients with serious illnesses and health problems were brought to the port where tents are being set up, even for people that are intubated. The passenger ship "Adamantios Korais" was commandeered in order to accommodate patients as well and is essentially being attempted to function as a makeshift floating hospital.

The destructive course of the fire - despite the superhuman efforts of the fire brigade and due to the strong winds that are still blowing in the municipality of Alexandroupolis - continues, resulting in the evacuation after 02.00 of coastal settlements west of the city: these are the communities of Dikela, Makri, Nea Chili, Elaionas, Ai-Giorgis, Plaka, Nenato, Pefki.

But the night was also difficult in the rest of the fire fronts in Rhodope, Kavala, Boeotia (in Prodromos and Tarsus), Evia and Kythnos.

The stormy winds, as the Fire Service emphasized in its latest update, are making efforts to extinguish large fires difficult.

Traffic regulations due to the fire in Aspropyrgos

Suspension of traffic in the Kineta-Ano Liosia section, following the order of the Fire Department, due to a fire in the Aspropyrgos area. Train 1309 has stopped at SS Kinetas. Expect delays and possible cancellations.

The image of the fire in Alexandroupolis

After the nightmarish night in Alexandroupoli, there are currently scattered outbreaks between the villages that the fire blaze passed through and also along the Egnatia Road. Firefighters are concerned about the possibility of wildfires due to the winds.

With the first light of day, the extent of the destruction in Avanda and Palagia was seen. In Palagia, the school was set on fire.

At the same time, the front in the forest of Dadia is uncontrollable, with the fire threatening to destroy everything that was saved last year. The National Park of Dadia - Lefkimi - Soufli is a biodiversity treasure for the entire Balkans.

EKAV vehicles are at the port of Alexandroupoli to transport patients to the Kavala hospital.

Houses, car farms and forest area in Palagia settlement in Alexandroupoli were reduced to ashes

Apocalypse images from the fiery blaze in Alexandroupolis
Photos from the Fire Front (SOOC)




Total destruction in Avantas, Alexandroupolis

With the first light of day, the magnitude of the destruction in the village of Avantas outside Alexandroupolis is visible. The images from the drone are revealing, while according to information, four houses have been burned.

The decks of the ship in Alexandroupolis have been converted into chambers.

The ferry boat Adamatios Korais, the only ship on the Alexandroupolis – Samothraki – Limnos line, was ordered to transport patients from the Alexandroupoli hospital, which was evacuated in the evening as it was in danger of being engulfed in flames.

The image below is from inside the ship. Patients are lying on mattresses on the floor while nurses and doctors try to treat them in these conditions.

ploio nosokomio

Satellite image: Forest fires covered the sky of Greece with smoke

An image from the European satellite METEOSAT-11 shows the severity and extent of the forest fires that occurred earlier in the day (Monday 21.08.2023) and remain active until this time (19:30), with smoke covering the sky of several regions of our country.

Image of the METEOSAT-11 satellite in the evening (19:30) of Monday, August 21, 2023

More specifically, the transport of smoke over the Northern and Central Aegean from the forest fires in Evros and Rhodope can be distinguished, over Boeotia from the forest fire in Psachna (Evia), over the Peloponnese from the forest fire in Prodromos (Boeotia ) and, finally, over the South Aegean from the Kythnos fire.

Nightmarish night in Evia and Boeotia

The residents of Evia lived through a night of terror due to the fire front that remains active on the island and has burned the entire mountain in Nea Artaki.

The residents of Nea Artakis and Psachni saw the fire burning throughout the evening, due to the strong winds that are still blowing in the area and which did not allow the ground forces of the fire brigade to contain the fire.

Many areas, which were surrounded by the fronts of the fire, were without electricity and water, as en

a large part of the PPC network has been damaged. In several cases, the damage was repaired by DEDDIE's crews, while generators were also installed to meet the needs of the residents.

The night was also difficult for the residents in the greater part of the coastal front of Boeotia in Corinthiakos Gulf.

The coastal zone has now been covered by the fronts of the fire, but also by thick smoke, causing residents to leave their villages.

Forest lands, olive groves, but also agricultural facilities have been given over to the flames. Winds in the area reached up to 9 Beaufort.

Unprecedented images in the Port of Alexandroupolis – Ambulance service and the army set up tents for  patients

Nurses, doctors and patients have been taken to the Port of Alexandroupoli where tents are being set up. The unique ferry boat is used to accommodate patients as well. Inside the tents are intubated people, while some are being transferred to hospitals in other cities.

The hospital was evacuated



According to information from ERT, the evacuation of the Alexandroupoli hospital has been completed, while at the moment the situation in the area is better.

Earlier, the flames reached the courtyard of the building while explosions were also heard, possibly from oxygen bottles.

Ninety of the patients have been transferred to the Adamantios Korais passenger ship, which is also the only ship on the Alexandroupoli – Samothraki – Limnos line.

30 people are currently being treated in the intensive care unit of the hospital on the ferry boat that was ordered

NASA photo of the great fire in Alexandroupoli

The gyms are open to welcome the public
The closed gym "Mihalis Paraskevopoulos", the closed gym KEGE, the municipal theater of Alexandroupolis are open to welcome people from the evacuated areas.

As the Municipality of Alexandroupoli states in its announcement, the churches of Agia Kyriaki, Agios Nikolaos, Agios Nektarios and Metamorfosi Sotiros are also open, while the Zarifios Academy is also open.

People can also be accommodated at the airport in the departure hall, while the EOT beach is also open.

The 3rd and 4th floors of the Evros Chamber of Commerce, on Demokratia Avenue, as well as the Reading Room on Joakeim Kaviris, have also been made available to people who need temporary accommodation.

The newborn transport operation has been completed

Earlier, newborns were removed from the Alexandroupoli hospital and transferred to hospitals in neighboring cities.

The evacuation started with 12 neonates, one of which is intubated.

As reported by the local media, houses have been burned in the settlement of Palagias in Alexandroupouli. The area has been evacuated after a relevant 112 message.

The fire passed through the "Aliki" shooting range

According to local media (e-evros) the front of the fire passed through the "Aliki" shooting range and is heading towards Alexandroupolis Hospital.

In particular, they refer to the statements of the head of the Alexandroupolis Fire Service, Mr. Koukoulomatis, where explosions are heard in the area.

The commander described the speed of the fire as unimaginable.

Earlier, e-evros had broadcast that all army officers in the area of Alexandroupolis were called to attend their units.

  • Published in Greece
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