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Greece did something right in dealing with coronavirus spread, writes Bloomberg

A Bloomberg article makes reference to Greece’s successful curtailment of the spread of coronavirus in a report focusing on the timing of nationwide responses for the Covid-19 outbreak.

The piece stresses that Greek authorities adopted measures fast compared to other countries in Europe.

“It may seem harsh, but the markets are recovering and people are still dying, and this marks a turning point in the spread of the epidemic,” the author writes  expressing modest optimism about the development of the pandemic worldwide and its impact on the world economy.

“The situation is stressful and the social distancing is difficult to tolerate, but there are indications that the loss of lives on a larger scale has been prevented,” the author added.

At this point he uses Greece as a case study pointing out that on the issue of the coronavirus, the country seems to have done something right. “Greece quickly shut down its economy at the first sign of trouble, at a time when tourist destinations were about to open. That seems to have worked.”

The article lists a table showing how quickly Greece has taken measures to implement the social distance compared to Italy and Japan.

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