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US and Sweden accuse Erdogan's son of bribery

A new problem in the relations between the US and Recep Tayyip Erdogan is brought to the surface by Reuters, as, according to its investigation, the son of the Turkish president is involved in a bribery case.

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Qatargate: Eva Kaili's deposition on Thursday

On Thursday, December 22, Eva Kaili's deposition to the Belgian judicial authorities is expected, which will then decide whether she will remain in custody or be released, until the trial of the Qatargate case in which she is involved.

The main issue that is expected to influence the decision of the judges is whether after all Eva Kaili knew that there are suitcases of money in her house and why she did not notify the Belgian authorities.

The former vice-president of the European Parliament, is studying her next moves and the answers she is asked to give to a series of issues:

– Because when she found out that there are suitcases of money in her house, she notified her father and not the authorities.
– Why did she ask her father to hand over the money to Panzeri and not to the Belgian police.
– How the items related to her two-year-old daughter were found in the suitcase with the money.

Italian news agency Ansa, citing police sources, revealed that in the suitcase Eva Kaili's father was carrying when he was taken into custody, in addition to the 600,000 euros, it contained a baby bottle, milk and an iPad allegedly used by his granddaughter and the daughter of the Greek MEP.

What she will say in her deposition

According to information from MEGA channel, the main goal of Kaili's side is to separate her position from the other defendants, including her husband.

In particular, she will state that she knew that her partner had a collaboration with his former boss, Antonio Panzeri and the NGO "Fighy Impunity", however at first she did not suspect anything, given that Panzeri was a former MEP, did not have a bad reputation and the operation of the NGO had a good purpose.

In addition, she allegedly kept telling her partner that she was working long hours for Panzeri without getting paid and allegedly told him to make sure all the money she received was legitimate.

Also, according to all the information, she believes that Panzeri took advantage of the fact that she was a member of the European Parliament and therefore had parliamentary immunity, and for this reason she gave the suitcase to her partner to take to their home.

Sources told MEGA that Panzeri wanted to make Ms Kaili's house a "safe house" because of her immunity, as no one could raid there and trace the money.

Suitcases full of money

What is considered decisive, however, is whether Eva Kaili knew that there were suitcases of money in her house and why she did not notify the Belgian authorities.

According to SKAI channel, Eva Kaili's side emphasizes that her statement was transmitted incorrectly, as she assumed that there was money in these suitcases, but was not sure. At the same time, the Greek MEP did nothing to clarify the situation.

Two other goals of her line of defense are expected to be the proof that she has not dealt with countries other than Qatar, as there are already indications that the case touches Morocco (perhaps  other countries as well). In addition, he is asked to prove that if he is released from prison, he will not be able to influence the pre-investigation process.

Looking for Qatargate "black" money globally

The investigation by the Belgian authorities is expanding, as they are now looking for "black" money all over the world. In France, authorities proceeded with an investigation in Strasbourg, specifically in the offices of European Parliament assistants, while in Italy, the Prosecutor's Office of Milan is investigating seven bank accounts and the purchase and sale of real estate by Nicolos Figa Talamanca.

Finally, investigations are being conducted in Qatar and Morocco. In the second case, the Ambassador to Poland was also involved, who transferred money, as well as a chief spy of the country in the connections with Pier Antonio Pancheri.

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