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Greece spends 2.5 million to "green" Halki, Kastellorizo and Antikythera

The "Island" program aims to achieve the energy autonomy of three small Greek islands, Chalkis, Kastellorizo and Antikythera, by the end of 2025. By applying innovative technologies and with a budget of 2.5 million euros from the Recovery Fund, they are planned to become "Green Island" standards at European and international level, upgrading the lives of residents, stimulating tourist interest and protecting their ecosystem.

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Halki residents producing the electricity they consume

The residents of the small island of Halki, in collaboration with the municipality, can fully cover their energy needs and reduce their electricity bills to virtually nil, as a result of the operation of the island's photovoltaic park, created as part of the GRecoIslands programme.

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Trash from the sea becomes cash for fishermen and goods for consumers

On Tuesday at 11 in the morning at the fishing docks of Keratsini, the Ministry of Rural Development, the Hellenic Center for Marine Research (ELKETHE) and the organization "Enalia" join forces for the systematic cleaning and prevention of pollution of the Greek seas. The common aim of the three bodies is the goal of environmental protection, but also of the financial support of Greek fishermen. The signing of the memorandum will strengthen the actions of "Enalia" for the collection of waste from the Greek seas and the creation of new products - socks, blouses, bags, furniture, etc. - which will bring income that will strengthen the "wallet" of Greek fishermen. Also, as the Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Food, Mrs. Fotini Arabatzi, stated to ot.gr, that there will be a simultaneous digital recording of the data of environmental pollution of the Greek seas.

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