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The changing face of Elefsina port

Although better known as a host area for decommissioned ships, few know that the port of Elefsina (ancient Eleusis) is one of the most important ports for serving bulk cargo in our country. In fact, it now aspires to respond effectively to the impending increase in the volume of loading and unloading work, mainly of building materials, for the needs of the implementation of the emblematic project in Ellinikoν. According to the management of the Elefsina Port Authority, cargo traffic increased by 50% in 2020 compared to 2019. Elefsina Bay is one of the largest and safest shelters for decommissioned ships in the world. And this because of its morphology (closed sea). Whenever α shipping company faces a small or bigger crisis, the "surplus" ships find hospitality in the Gulf of Elefsina. In the "backyard" of the port of Piraeus, as it has been called in the local maritime lingo.

  • Published in Greece
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