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Nea Optiki Group makes the vision of Greek handmade eyewear reality

Nea Optiki Group makes the idea of Greek handmade glass a reality

Nea Optiki Group has been operating since 2012 the only glass frame factory in Greece, a place that manages to harmoniously converge traditional craftsmanship with innovation.

Greek Handmade Frames, as it is called, carries many years of experience and continues its work to this day with a mission: to highlight the handmade creation hidden behind the highest quality Greek eyewear. But as it happens with every creation, Greek eyewear began their journey before production, starting from inspiration

An in-house team of designers with specialized knowledge breathes life into Greek frames. Inspired by patterns, architecture, art and colors, eyewear designers depict authentic designs that capture the essence of Greek handmade creation. After all, they are well aware that they will leave their mark on our country's eyewear design heritage.

Against a world that moves and changes quickly, Greek glass recognizes the importance of time. Following a traditional method of several stages and several months of completion, Greek eyewear is made of100% high-quality, environmentally friendly Italian acetate. In fact, the polishing of the frames follows a secret recipe with natural materials from the Greek land, reminding us that Greek handmade creation is not synonymous with "fast fashion", hasty designs, cheap materials or mass production.

El Greco Eyewear, the first brand of the Group with a vision to the extroversion of Greek glass, soon managed to conquer Europe and especially Spain. Both the brand, as well as the modern design, the clean lines and the details of its designs, secured a place for Greek hand-made frames abroad.

In 2015 came the innovative Urban Owl, a brand made for urbanites. With retro influences and urban elements, Urban Owl was born through a crowdfunding platform and often joins artistic forces with Greek designers and brands, bringing unique designs to life.

Today, the reins of the Group are held by the second generation of the Destounis family with successful collaborations at home and abroad, while their collaboration with the Greek brand Zeus+Dione is also typical. In particular, in 2016 the first Zeus+Dione frames were released, honoring Greek handmade creation and infusing it into modern fashion.

This partnership achieved something unique in Greek terms: the Zeus+Dione sunglasses line was presented in the successful Netflix series Emily in Paris, causing excitement. The collaboration with the leading subscription platform was followed by an exclusive Emily In Paris x Netflix eyewear collection, available exclusively on the Netflix online store and in selected stores around the world, giving traditional Greek eyewear design the value it deserves.

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