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Lockheed Martin - Cooperation for the Hellenic Navy Upgrade Program

In order to support the Hellenic Navy upgrade program, Lockheed Martin entered into cooperation agreements with major companies in Greek industry. The agreements include specific areas of cooperation that correspond to the capabilities of the companies and will allow the Greek-American industrial production team, under the guidance of Lockheed Martin, to start working immediately on this important project.

  • Published in Greece

With the Belharra frigates Greece voids Turkey's "Blue Homeland" doctrine

The rumored choice of the Belharra frigates as the new acquisition of the Navy brings with it certain parameters that can change the game in the eastern Mediterranean. The new data brought by the Belharra are based on the sensors and weapons they can carry, which at least in terms of the aviation environment in which the Navy will now be able to conduct area air defense satisfying a long-standing need.

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