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Greece in the grips of fire

Greece is in the grips of a fiery nightmare, with fronts raging in Ilia and Evros, while Lesvos is also going through tough times, with fires burning still out of control.

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Major fire unfolding at Soufli

Firefighting forces battling a wildfire in the area of the Lira dam at the Soufli municipality, northern Greece, were reinforced on Thursday evening, said the Fire Brigade.

Some 102 firefighters with 29 fire engines and 4 ground teams are assisted by 6 water-bombing aircraft and 4 helicopters.

Soufli's Forestry Department Head Gianna Diagaki told Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA-MPA) that the 2km fire front  is moving southwardly, and it includes 4 large fire pockets set apart from one another by some 500m.

Situation improving at Ilia's Agnanta and Tragano wildfire

Meanwhile, the wildfires burning in the Ilia prefecture's areas of Agnanta and Tragano, in the western Peloponnese, are becoming slighlty more manageable, Ilia Region Vice-Governor Vassilis Giannopoulos told Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA-MPA) late Thursday evening.

The third fire at Ilia's area of Varda is still full-fledged, and firefighters are trying to contain it, he added. It is burning a forested area, where 32 firefighters with 13 fire engines and 2 helicopters are battling the flames.

Two firefighters sustained burn injuries in the field at Ilia throughout the day Thursday, and have both been hospitalized.

At Agnanta, some 115 firefighters with 36 fire engines and 4 ground teams were assisted by 6 water-dowsing aircraft and 2 helicopters.

 A precautionary evacuation of residents at the Pigadi-Kokla area was earlier sent out via the 112 emergency number, telling them to head towards the area of Simiza.

  • Published in Greece
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