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UN wants EU to help Greeece with migration

The Greek office of the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) appealed to the European Union to boost support for Greece and other southern European countries struggling with a growing influx of would-be immigrants, reporting that arrivals on islands in the Aegean have tripled over the past year as daily Kathimerini writes.

  • Published in Greece

Migrant Boats Sink Near Samos

Near Samos, thirty passengers are missing and at least two have drowned, as a result of two sinking boats located near the Turkish coastline.

  • Published in Greece

Venizelos' Speech at the UN

In his speech at the 68th General Assembly of the UN, government vice president and foreign minister, Evangelos Venizelos, highlighted a number of issues including illegal migration, the concern of Greece for peace and stability in the Middle East, relations with FYROM and Turkey, and the Cyprus issue.

  • Published in Greece
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