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ND-backed incumbents in Athens, Thessaloniki soundly defeated; ND 'rebel' candidates win most of remaining regional governor seats

The second round of local government elections in Greece on Sunday saw ruling New Democracy (ND) party-backed candidates lose the municipal races in Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as in five out of the six regional governor seats up for grabs.

Nevertheless, candidates that are ND party cadres ND or backed by the center-right party had picked up seven out of the 13 regional governors’ seats last Sunday, while on the second Sunday four of the five candidates in the regional races were from within the party’s ranks, but running against an officially backed candidate.

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New Democracy unleashes all cadres for second electoral bout

With new... roadmaps for ministers, MPs and party officials, New Democracy is throwing itself into the "battle" of the second electoral round in regions and municipalities from today. Kyriakos Mitsotakis himself will be in the foreground once again, as soon as he returns from today's trip to Varna for the tripartite summit, in order to strengthen the faction's "elect", who did not achieve 43% of the vote from the first Sunday. Greece - Bulgaria - Romania. With the command "everyone out, and coordinated" the government and the party are rallying the faction for the second time, seeking the maximum possible mobilization for victory.

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