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Patras: The satanic plot to murder little Georgina

What has come to light in the last hours concerning the crime in Patras has shocked all of Greece.

The mother of three girls who died within 32 months, who is being prosecuted for manslaughter for Georgina's death, seems to have planned in detail her plot to kill Georgina in the hospital where she was being treated. so as not to arouse suspicion.

Roula Pispirigou, who despite the irrefutable evidence says she is innocent, saying that the results of the toxicological tests should be re-examined, constantly asked during the hospital stay if there are cameras in the room, constantly asked for a single room while she wanted to give the medicine to the child. herself, and not the staff.

After the mother herself allegedly tried to kill the child at other times in the past with ketamine, as evidenced by the unexplained seizures that Georgina was having, she finally gave the lethal dose in the hospital, which led to the agonizing death of her own child.

In fact, after the death of her child, Roula Pispirigou, in her attempt to blur the issue and create an alibi, sent an SMS to doctors in Patras to ask for help for what had happened.

As the police editor Vassilis Lambropoulos revealed speaking yesterday, on LIVE NEWS, the 33-year-old defendant tried to create an alibi when she made the fatal "attack" on her child.

In particular, on April 11, 2021, Roula Pispirigou gives the ketamine to the small child and a little while later she talks on the phone with a friend. A fact that the mother herself invokes to emphasize her innocence.

According to the woman on the other end of the line, the 33-year-old mother was indifferent to the sound signals of the machines that supported Georgina and was slow to call the doctors for help.

Also, after the child succumbed, Roula Pispirigou sent an SMS to doctors in Patras to ask for help with what had happened to her. "I wonder what I did wrong, what else I could have done that might have kept this child alive. "I regret, I regret that I left her helpless," he said characteristically in one of them.

Are there any accomplices?

Developments are cataclysmic on the issue of child deaths in Patras and all of Greece is watching the developments with bated breath while wondering if there are accomplices in the murder and if the mother is related with the deaths of the first two children.

Criminologist Antonis Kourdoglou spoke on Real FM 107.1 in Thessaloniki and opined that "Georgina's death could not have been committed by only one person".

Mr. Kourdoglou spoke about a case unprecedented in the chronicles, and noted that if evidence emerges for criminal acts and for the deaths of the other two children, the three cases can be joined.

"This act could not have been committed by one person," he said. "He definitely needed at least one help."

Confession sought

Mr. Kourdoglou also stated that a confession on the part of Roula Pispirigou will help in the full clarification of this horrific case.

He went on to say that if she (the mother) is guilty, "she must definitely give the details so that other personalities are not tarnished. She has to tell the truth.

Anonymous complaint about the death of the landlady

EL.AS officers who know the details of the case with the three dead children in Patras, will announce other developments.

However, the fact that it was reported yesterday that there is an anonymous complaint about the death of the accused's landlady caused a sensation.

The general secretary of the Special Guards of the Greek Police, Stratos Mavroidakos, spoke to Live News and Nikos Evangelatos about the police investigation into the Patras case.

"Unfortunately, her crime is the crime of the centuryl" stressed Mr. Mavroidakos, while he also made an important revelation.

In the report on the death of the landlady, in whose house the family lived, he stressed that "there is an anonymous complaint and if something has been committed, the police investigation will prove it".

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