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Anarchists vandalize journalist's home

An attack on the home of Aris Portosalte was carried out by anarchists on Thursday night.

"The fascist raids of Rubicon in a terrorist raid tonight at the entrance to my apartment building. Democracy at stake,” the SKAI reporter wrote on his Twitter account.


The attack on the home of journalist Aris Portosalte was condemned by ND.

"ND condemns the attack on the home of journalist Aris Portosalte. Thrifty bullies do not terrorize anyone. We continue our fight against lawlessness with determination, perseverance and determination,” the statement said.

"The fascist attack on Mars Portosalte's home is an attack on everything we want to protect," Stelios Petsas wrote on his Twitter account. The government spokesman added: "It is an attack on freedom of expression. It is an attack on the Republic. We condemn these attacks. All;".

The responsibility and threats of Ruvikonas
Shortly thereafter, the anarchist collective, with a proclamation that it had published on the website of an antiauthoritarian site, claimed responsibility for the attack.

It accuses Aris Portosalte of "identifying himself as a journalist, director of the SKAI radio station and a member of the board of directors of the Alafouzos business group" for right-wing views, and cites his statements and interviews with politicians.

"We will reply to the government official Portosalte that the time to be afraid of him and his far-right affiliate has not yet come. His hatred for us is an honor. The only response to social fascism and capitalist barbarism is to organize the base. Organize yourself with Rouvikonas, to become their nightmare," Rouvikonas concludes.

  • Published in Greece

Rouvikonas anarchists attack newspaper offices (vid)

The Rouvikonas anarchist group claimed responsibility for the attack on Thursday night at the offices of Dimokratia and Espresso newspapers.

In a video posted by Rouvikonas members, a small group of people - allwith their facial features covered - enter the two-story building at the junction of Eratosthenous and Vasileos Konstantinou Streets.

Then the Rouvikonas members appear to be flinging paint into various rooms of the two newspapers. Note that inside the building, members of Rouvikonas met a worker - or security official - who appeared to say "calm down, you won't get hurt".

How did Rouvikonas members know the password?
One of the points of the video that raises questions is that Rouvikonas' team seems to know the four-digit security code. Both at the beginning of the video and a few seconds later, a Rouvikonas member appears to enter the code at the central entrance and then outside of the 3rd floor entrance.

The text assuming resposibility
On the issue of the code, one of Rubikon's prominent members wrote on his Facebook:

"Don't wonder how the team managed to get inside the building. We knew the code to open the door. WE KNOW THE CODES FOR MANY BUILDINGS IN ATHENS. How do we know them? We have our own people everywhere who give us information. "

In his text of responsibility, among others, Rubicon states:

"The area of ​​yellow press, scandal journalism, keyhole peeping, blackmail and social pathogenesis is not innocent, which is simply aimed at the 'lower instincts' of its readership. This space has always been associated with the far right, with widespread outrage. It has always served neo-conservatism, social cannibalism, racism, sexism, discrimination. And it's no coincidence that "Espresso" is in the same group with "Orthodox Truth" or the historical newspaper of Greek conservatism "Estia". There is a clear ideological content behind the graphic headlines with human flesh and shocking headlines and this content is unmasked whenever owners choose to tackle issues of social struggle. "

  • Published in Greece
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