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SYRIZA Youth: The new generation does not need more army and more armament programs

In a statement indicative of its ideological blindness, the youth of the main opposition party states the following:

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, during a press conference at the TIF, announced compulsory conscription at 18, reinstatement of the 12-month term in the army and a huge armaments program.New Democracy, believing in its patriot-mongering practice, has decided to peddle nationalism and "patriotism" at the expense of the most fundamental social needs.

At a time when we are in the midst of a violent and severe health and economic crisis, New Democracy chooses to spend billions on defense equipment and not boost health and education at all.

It even restores compulsory conscription at 18, ignoring the financial consequences of such a decision that will be borne entirely by thousands of young people as well as their families.

The new generation does not need more army and more armament programs. We need more and better jobs, more and better education.

We need a future that will fit the dreams and needs of our generation."

It is obvious that in their minds there is no Turkish danger and they probably did not pay attention to the Turkish statements that are demanding from Kastellorizo ​​to an "Independent Western Thrace".

  • Published in Greece
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