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"Ideal destination for a Spring getaway": The Greek island that Americans idolize

American travel media Whereverfamily.com highlights a Greek island as an ideal destination for an escape in the Spring.

And they are talking of Tinos.

Specifically it states that “Tinos, an island in the Cycladic island chain, may not be as densely populated during the off-season months as others on this list, but it is an excellent spring destination in its own right due to its religious and cultural significance.

"Great time to visit Tinos in Spring"

In addition to the rugged beauty of the landscape, it is home to the famous church of Panagia tis Evangelistria, which attracts visitors year-round to its massive steps in the hope of receiving a miracle. The island, located a short boat ride from Athens, is steeped in history and local traditions and hosts festivals throughout the year. In spring, the local flora is in bloom and it's a great time to visit local sites and enjoy the growing culinary scene."

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Power restored on the islands of Andros and Tinos

The power was restored to the islands of Andros and Tinos at around 4:30 on Monday afternoon, the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operation (HEDNO) announced. Work was continuing to repair isolated localised damage to the islands' networks due to the strong winds, it added.

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