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Fire on Parnitha: This is how the fiery front started and developed - Watch timelapse video

Attica is under the siege of fire for the second day. The fire that started yesterday (22/8) in the morning from Fili and quickly took on uncontrollable proportions, has reached the outskirts of Parnitha and is burning houses and forest lands.

The camera of the National Observatory of Athens in Penteli recorded the fire. The video begins Tuesday morning and shows how the nightmare began and unfolded into the early hours of today.

In addition to the fire that broke out and the area it has taken, you can also see the huge cloud of smoke that has covered the basin, with the atmosphere being suffocating.

Heartbreaking image from Parnitha

According to an emergency update from Yiannis Artopiorou, the fire that broke out yesterday in Fyli is burning south of Parnitha on the front of Dartiza but also west of the areas of Agia Paraskevi and Amygdaleza.

A total of 202 firefighters with 9 pedestrian divisions and 65 vehicles are operating. From the air, 7 aircraft operate, 2 from Sweden and 2 from Germany, and 2 helicopters each for aerial coordination. In addition, strong volunteer groups, infantry units, ES and EL.AS forces, water tankers and machinery from the Attica Region are helping.

As MEGA channel broadcasts, the flames have reached the settlement of Agia Paraskevi and the first houses are burning. Residents have received a message from 112 to evacuate, however some are staying behind to build fire zones.

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Rhodes: 10% of the accommodation capacity is affected by the fires

The tourism of Rhodes received a big blow in the heart of the summer season due to the fire that has been burning for six days in the south-eastern end of the island. As market players point out, a domino of cancellations is expected in hotel and room rental reservations in the next few days, although until yesterday tourists were still arriving on the island from European countries.

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