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Fit Body - Fit Face

Fitness is becoming part of many people's lifestyle, and we are all too familiar with the benefits of exercise to our body. Exercise increases our circulation, increases our metabolism, burns stored energy, regenerates our body, strengthens and tones our muscles and offers an overall wellness of being amongst all the other great things that come along with it. We also need to keep in mind that along with the health benefits, exercise is also a great way to combat aging!

After the age of 25 our metabolism slows down and we produce less collagen every year resulting in slow signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging, less supple skin. Anti- aging methods include a healthy lifestyle that also helps reduce free radicals, the right nutrition, and most of all exercise. There are over 600 skeletal muscles in our body and strength training has been proven to stimulate collagen and bone growth. So that's another great reason to exercise! My dear friend and professor at Queens College, CUNY, Exercise Physiology department, George Giannopoulos always promotes the HIIT training method as a great way to perform a shorter but affective exercise program that helps stimulate not only collagen but our HGH levels (Human Growth Hormones) in our body.

But what are we doing about our face? How do we keep our face 'fit" other than hydration? Our Face has approximately 40 muscles and skin creams and specific treatments focus on the dermal which help improve the appearance, however what's best for dealing with deeper levels such as our muscles? Really, how can we exercise our face? My aesthetician Kristen May Lee, at The Face Gym explained; "we are not really exercising our face". So other than some facial exercises, how do we do that? Went on to explain and introduce me to a whole array of treatments that not only help reduce wrinkles on our dermal layer but are working deep to help stimulate collagen and elastin. The latest anti-aging methods that are combating sagging skin include a variety of methods; acupuncture, specific lasers, radio frequency, electric currents, and ultrasound treatments that are helping stimulate collagen production and toning & tighten our facial muscles and aging skin. I was excited at all the possibilities of keeping my face fit! I suggest to do your research, see your doctor, and chose what will be best for your skin and desired outcome.

By adopting natural methods and alternative non invasive treatments we can truly get great results and help slow down the natural affects of aging while improving our health from head to toe!