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Stournaras Heralds New Measures

Finance minister Yannis Stournaras caused an uproar in parliament when he said that the government's efforts equal all the efforts made since the end of the junta.
Mr. Stournaras went as far as to say that the memorandum was the only "serious text in the country. The only one with targets and schedules."
However, the tones were high since the beginning of Mr. Stournaras' speech when the minister said there will be structural changes, although there would be no new cuts in pensions and wages .The announcement of possible new measures had caused an outburst from historic PASOK MP Apostolos Kaklamanis.
Retorting to MR. Kaklamanis, the minister noted that "when we bring new measures, you too will vote them in."This caused presiding member Yannis Dragasakis to say, "that's news."
The minister also referred to the tax on real estate stating that the aim was to get less from more taxpayers. As he noted the tax would be minimal, "10-20 euros a year, even for large plots."

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Athens Lures Black Sea Tourists

The significant rise in tourism in Athens and the strategy of the municipality towards this end was the focus of a speech by Athens mayor Giorgos Kaminis , during the inauguration of the Black Sea Tourism Forum & Workshop.

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