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1st East Macedonia & Thrace Forum: Innovations in solar & wind solidifying Greece's leadership in renewables sector

The Eastern Mediterranean faces many challenges in today's shifting geopolitical landscape, "from the threat of climate change and need for energy security, to dangerous leaders in neighboring Turkey or Russia," US Senator & Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Robert (Bob) Menendez told the 1st East Macedonia & Thrace Forum, held in the northeastern Greek city of Alexandroupolis on February 22-23.

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Opening the way for the sale of F-35 fighter jets to Greece

Close defence cooperation with the United States and NATO is a shield that offers deterrent power to Greece, Senator Robert Menendez said during the "Delphi Economic Forum" in Washington. The senator referred in detail to all the recent steps that have substantially upgraded defence cooperation between the two sides and work to the benefit of both Greece and the USA.

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