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Soros and son as middlemen between Obama and Rama

A revealing article about the close relationship between Albanian Prime Minister Eddie Rama and American businessman George Soros and the interconnection of the Obama administration was published by Himara.gr a ​​few months ago.

According to the Northern Epirus Website, the well-known US-based NGO Judicial Watch published data that the Obama administration has sent US taxpayer money to billionaire George Soros, who in turn used it to fund left-wing political activities in Albania.

As the American website pointed out, money from the US government was transferred to George Soros through USAID, which in turn forwarded it to the Albanian government.

Here is the interesting article along with the study of the NGO Judicial Watch
"The well-known American website Judicial Watch  has collected 32 pages of evidence that the Obama administration sent US taxpayer money to billionaire George Soros, who in turn used it to finance left-wing political activities in Albania , as well as co-operating with the country's socialist government to press a controversial judicial "reform" on the country.

The transfer of millions of dollars was made through USAID to the billionaire to promote its activities. The new documents show that USAID funds were transferred to the civil society organization to support the leftist Soros open society institutions in Albania, particularly Soros' efforts to provide the socialist government with greater control over the judiciary.

USAID gave $ 9 million in 2016 to the Justice for All campaign, supervised by Soros' East West Management Institute. US Ambassador to Albania, Donald Lu, placed there by the Obama administration, was closely associated with Soros and the Socialist government in Albania.

In May 2017, Lu helped to undermine the plans of the Albanian opposition to protest in the upcoming parliamentary elections, stating that the US would recognize the election results even if these opposition parties refused to participate (in the electoral process). Lu is described by the US press as "a driving force behind judicial reforms in Albania". Without specifying the type of reform that Soros was promoting in the country.

Judicial Watch is already looking for data on Soros interventions in Skopje, Romania and Colombia, as noted. It is striking that within 24 hours there have been revelations that show America's involvement in favor of the Socialist Party, while Russia backed the Democratic Party. All this shows that Albania is not in the mood for meaningful reforms "