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Erdogan turns another historic church into a mosque

Featured Erdogan turns another historic church into a mosque

After Hagia Sophia, the Turkish president is turning the historic Monastery of Chora, which functioned until today as a museum, into a mosque and has magnificent mosaics.

Built in the 6th AD. ai. In the present-day district of Edirne Kapou (Edirne Gate) relatively close to the Theodosian walls of Constantinople, the Monastery of Chora ("Church of the Holy Savior in Chora" - known in Turkey as Kariye Muzesi or Kariye Camii - was converted by Attik Ali Pasha of the 16th-century vezirs of Beyazit and became a museum in 1958. Last year, the Turkish Supreme Court ruled in favor of turning it into a mosque, but the decision has not been implemented until today, when the relevant Official Gazette was published with Erdogan's signature in the newspaper. of the Turkish government.

Through Erdogan's decision, the management of the historic Monastery of Chora is transferred to the Directorate of Religious Affairs in the Fatih area of ​​the city and opens as a place of worship for Muslims. As mentioned in the text, the decision of the cabinet of 1945 for the use of the Monastery of Chora as a museum was annulled by the decision of the 19th section of the Council of State