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Cyprus Faces Greek Investor's Lawsuit

The Cypriot government has been met with a lawsuit from Geek investors who suffered massive losses, due to the nation's financial turmoil and required bailouts, according to reports.

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Cyprus Contemplates Second Bond Offering

As stated by two Cypriot governmental delegates, the nation is contemplating a bond market sale by September, as reported by Parikiaki. It is thought that the offering will be for approximately 500 million euros, that will most likely follow a Bank of Cyprus share sale.

The nation's government is attempting to create a sovereign securities yield curve. The discussed bond purchasings will mark the second one, after last month's. June's sale generated 750 million euros in five-year bonds, with a 4.85% yield.

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Bank of Cyprus Reduces Dependency

Yesterday, the Bank of Cyprus stated that it will downsize its EBC funding dependency by €0.95 billion, as a result of a government bond repayment portion.

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