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Die Welt: stock market bursts Samaras' bubble

An article in today's Die Welt focuses on the still “incurable” sores of the Greek economy and what transpired last week with the Athens stock market “crash.”

The Geman newspaper stresses that “last week, dreams were blown up into the air. Not just, but mainly those of Mr Samaras. The Greek PM hoped that by the end of the year he would kick the Troika , and the hated IMF, out of Greece. However, turbulence in the stock market brought him back to earth. Rates jumped to forbidding levels for the refinancing of the debt.”

According to the reporter, Antonis Samaras was not the only one noting how the situation was shaping up, but “the signs were not more clear to anyone else.”

According to Die Welt, this was a warning shot towards Europeans that did not take advantage of calmer periods to take care of their responsibilities. The paper stresses that the Eurocrisis seems like a volcano that has yet to explode, but is spewing lava. ECB governor Mario Draghi, according to the article, has recently made known in many ways that he wants to buy time through his policies, but he alone he will not be able to pull the Eurozone out of the mire.