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Will the government get enough votes to pass the bill on Greek expat vote?

Intense political fermentation procedures are activated by the bill of the Ministry of Interior to facilitate the voting of expatriates. The government is called upon to face the difficult constitutional equation and get a majority of at least 200 deputies to approve the proposed regulations. Based on the starting positions of the parties, the promoted provisions can so far count on 190 positive votes from New Democracy, Movement for Change and Greek Solution. This means that the positive vote of SYRIZA or the KKE is required - since the 9 deputies of MeRA25 are not enough to pass the threshold foreseen by the constitution.

Malliotakis Issues Her First 100 Days Report Card

Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis (NY-11) today released the following statement and attached report card recapping her first 100 days in office representing New York's 11th Congressional District:
“My office prides itself on its outstanding constituent services, helping residents cut through bureaucracy and red tape, bringing federal funding to the district and back into the pockets of taxpayers. Among those we've been able to help in my first three months in office include helping a young woman who was adopted 18 years ago finally become a U.S. citizen, assisting a local grocery store about to close its doors receive nearly $200,000 in PPP loans and getting an injured police officer the disability payments he had been waiting for since 2014. My team and I are focused on getting things done for the residents of Staten Island and Southern Brooklyn, and while these are a few significant examples of the cases we've closed, the good news is we are just getting started. We are extremely proud of the success we've had in the first 100 days and are looking forward to the work we'll do in the years to come."
Malliotakis' achievements can be found below:maliotakis
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