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Zeologic SA to build shipping waste treatment plant in UAE

Featured Zeologic SA to build shipping waste treatment plant in UAE

Zeologic SA, a subsidiary of Mytilineos, on Wednesday announced the signing of an agreement with Fairdeal Marine Services FZE, for the construction of the first treatment plant of oily sludge as well as of sludge arising from flue gas treatment systems.

In an announcement, Mytilineos said this plant will be installed at the Fairdeal Group premises in Fujairah of the United Arab Emirates and it is the first environmental project of Zeologic S.A. in the Middle East. It should be stressed that this plant is able to treat waste and sludge deriving from scrubbers, based on the stricter provisions of the revised Marpol Annex VI. The pioneering waste management technology offered by Zeologic applies to an increasing number of new sectors, providing comprehensive environmental solutions to companies with a high pollutant load deriving from their activities. Τhe facility’s design will be based on the internationally patented treatment method (Geochemical Active Clay Sedimentation - GACS) for liquid and solid waste treatment, with exclusive rights of use held by Zeologic. Based on the GACS method, the waste becomes ‘Non Hazardous’ after its treatment and thus the treated waste can be safely disposed. Moreover, the plant design is based on an integrated environmental and economic waste management process, creating a modern facility with low footprint requirements which will be ready to respond to future environmental challenges.

 Zeologic and Fairdeal Group envisage the installation of more plants using this technology in the Persian Gulf region, addressing the recognised environmental problems of the region and the need to install state-of-the-art infrastructure to support Green Shipping. This agreement comes at a time where the marine environment protection and shipping waste management requirements are constantly increasing. Zeologic’s reliable method provides a safe, environmentally-friendly solution, at a global level, with significant Greek added value.