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War between Greece and Canada over... Feta Cheese!

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Translation By Lisa Darilis

Greece is determined to exercise its right to veto in the situation on the Canadian business sector exporting white cheese with the surname "Feta" to countries within the European Union.

Demetris Melas, the General Secretary of Agricultural Policy and International Relations of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food said "We have to distance ourselves from the rhetoric that publicly expresses that thereʼs a chance for feta cheese produced in Canada to be sold in the European Union." He went on to say "It is naive to think that the European Union will jeopardize its most fundamental pillar of copyright and trade, as the competitive advantage Europe has is the quality of their products, which are expressed in their trademarks."

The issue of Canadaʼs involvement in the trade of Greeceʼs most famous cheese has completely consumed the Ministry of Rural Development and Food in Athens. They vow to undertake their mission in putting an end to this issue at the hearings to take place in November within the European Union