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Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research (IOBE): Significant rise in gas costs affects Greek industry

The recovery of the Greek economy weakened in the fourth quarter of 2021, however it remained strong, while a significant increase in exports of services and private consumption was recorded again, as reported by IOBE in the Bulletin of Industrial Developments (March 2022). As for the economic climate in February, it remained stable while consumer confidence improved.

GDP growth was strong in the fourth quarter of 2021, at 7.7%, after a recovery of 11.4% in the third quarter. Overall in 2021 the average GDP growth rate was 8.3%, compared to a decrease of 9.0% the year before.

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Ukraine: The "ghost" haunting the European economy

The European and world economies are facing the risk of stagflation (stagnant inflation) due to the war in Ukraine. Big increases in the costs of energy, raw materials, goods, food and transport are creating the conditions for a new big jump in inflation at a time when sanctions and inflation are threatening the economies, which were trying to recover from the big problems caused the pandemic.

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