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Deloitte: How the transition of Greek companies to the green economy affects credit risk

Deloitte Greece has published the results of the credit risk impact assessment exercise from the transition of Greek businesses to the green economy entitled "Transition risk exploratory impact assessment exercise for Greek Large Corporates" prepared by the Climate & Environmental Credit Analytics team of Risk Advisory. The Assessment Exercise was based exclusively on a sample of large Greek companies and was carried out based on the framework developed by Deloitte at a global level regarding the measurement and quantification of climate and environmental risks.

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Handelsblatt: The "tradition" of tax evasion in Greece

In a response from Athens, published on its website, economic review Handelsblatt refers to efforts to combat tax evasion. As it points out, "tax evasion has a tradition in Greece. The Greek government no longer wants to accept something like this and is announcing a series of measures." The newspaper's correspondent reports that “black employment is widespread, even among doctors.

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