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Mytilineos signs 118-mln-euro contract in Slovenia

Mytilineos SA on Thursday announced the signing of an 118-million-euro contract with Javno Podjetje Energetika Ljubljana, Ljubljana's energy company, engaged in electrical and thermal production, transmission and distribution, operating the Slovenia's largest District Heating System.

  • Published in Greece

Mytilineos contribution to lifting the energy isolation of sub-Saharan Africa

An all-star joint venture (Endeavor, GE, MYTILINEOS and others) has been given notice to proceed with the launch the first stage of a major energy project in Ghana, according to an announcement on Tuesday. The first stage (202 MW) of the construction of the Bridge Power project, with a total capacity 400MW, starting initially with Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) and afterwards using Liquified Natural Gas (when it is available in the region).

  • Published in Greece

Final settlement of the Mytilineos claim against the Serbian government

The final settlement of the $ 40 million compensation that derived from the award awarded by the International Arbitral Tribunal on RTB-BOR was signed on Tuesday by the MYTILINEOS representative and the Serbian government, in particular the Minister of Economy, Mr. Goran Knezevic, and the Minister of Mining and Energy, Mr. Aleksandar Antić.

  • Published in Greece
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