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Hatzigiannis Arrested Over Ferrari License Plate Claims

The First Instance Court of Athens has initiated criminal prosecution for the offense of false reporting to authorities, against popular singer Mihalis Hatzigiannifor the case of a luxury Ferrari sports car.


Yesterday afternoon, Hatzigiannis was led before authorities after his arrest by the Police Department of Glyfada and subsequently released. The case has to do with a statement made by the singer's accountant to police, according to which the car's license plates had been stolen however, as this was found to be false, police formed a file against both the accountant and the artist.

The declaration of the plates' theft took place yesterday and, staying "that on 24-25 August, and while the car was parked in Glyfada, the plates were stolen."

The police, however, conducted inquiries that revealed that since 2009, the car was for sale in a showroom and the plates were in the hands of an employee. After that, the singer and his accountant were arrested and taken yesterday afternoon to the prosecutor and charged for false reporting to authorities. Further inquiries have been ordered to fully elucidate the case. Hatzigiannis and the accountant were released.