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Daniel Craig blockbuster to be filmed on Spetses

The director of the Hollywood film production asked to use the entire space of the main square and not just a part of it as happened last year during the shooting of the movie The Lost Daughter where the main location was the historic hotel Poseidon. So the Greek production company that assists in the shooting, sent an email to the municipality of Spetses requesting the concession of the square and the only thing left now is to send specific dates and hours of use of the square.

What worries municipal authorities
According to the officials of the municipal authority, the shooting will take place as everything shows at the end of June and the beginning of July, a period when the island is slowly filled with tourists, especially on weekends, and there is an issue with the regulation of traffic. For their part, the people in charge of the production promised that there will be no shooting on Saturday and Sunday in order to ease the situation and as everything shows, the English actor is expected to set foot in Spetses around June 25th. Craig is expected to star in both sequels to the 2019 mystery film "Knives Out," which will likely be shown on Netflix, following a multi-million dollar deal that may exceed $ 400 million. Variety and Deadline Hollywood reported that Netflix had already paid between $ 400 million and $ 450 million for the rights to the two sequels, making it one of the largest movie streaming deals ever struck.

If there is a formal deal between the two sides and announcements are made, everyone will have something to say about one of the greatest film deals of all time. It is noted that in addition to Spetses, the film will be shot in the wider area of ​​Porto Heli, where the producers have taken care to book a luxury hotel for the rest of the cast and those who participate in the shooting.

The film, which borrows a few elements from the style and atmosphere that Agatha Christie cultivated, has been directed with a more modern perspective by Ryan Johnson. In the leading role of the detective - "hound" is, as we mentioned Daniel Craig. Johnson, who wrote the ingenious screenplay for the film, undertook the creation of the sequel stories, in collaboration with his assistant Ram Bergman.

According to official sources, the agreement to be concluded between the two filmmakers and Netflix exceeds $ 400 million and what made an impression was that almost all the platforms were "slaughtered" at the feet of the two filmmakers to get the screening rights. claimed by both Apple and Amazon.

The film was originally screened by US media company Media Rights Capital and distributed through Lions Gate Films. The first film "In the Knives" cost 40 million dollars, while its profits jumped to 311 million.

The memorable case is the agreement, which resulted from a peculiar overthrow. British director Danny Boyle decided to abandon the next James Bond film, thus releasing Daniel Craig for a while. Thus the circumstances seemed to advocate the creation of a modern and successful mystery story.

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