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United Nations Recreational Staff Council - Salus Wellness - Network; Rooted For Peace Event (Video - Pics)

The United Nations Recreational Staff Council's Salus Wellness Network's President, Susana Bastarrica, Public Relations Officer, Alvaro Calderon and Event Planner, Ethan Melazzo, held a panel discussion showcasing the Award winning Feature film "Rooted in Peace". The panel discussion with award winning director Greg Reitman was moderated by Yanna Darilis, and had distinguished panelists who head up initiatives with their foundations that are helping to raise awareness and change the world.

The distinguished panelists included; Laura Turner Seydel, an international environmental advocate and eco-living expert, and chairperson of the Captain Planet Foundation, educating teachers and children about the ecosystem of the planet and how to eat and live a healthier life, Fabien Cousteu who is continuing his father's legacy is an Aquanaut, Oceanographic Explorer, Environmental Advocate and Founder of the Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center, Lawrence Bloom is the Secretary General of the Be Earth Foundation, which is a UN Inter Governmental Organization which advises, assists and enables in the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals, and Scotty Bruer, who is an activist for peace and the founder of PeaceNow.com, a nonprofit with the mission of empowering One Billion Global Citizens for the creation of Departments of Peace within all governments.

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The discussion was based around the films theme and how we are all interconnected. The message was that inner sustainability is important for outer sustainability. As a whole, we have created what is happening in our environment and societies today, and we all need to work together to change it by educating the new generations and our fellow humans. Violence is taught by our cultures and societies, the earth is being abused, agriculture has become agribusiness and we are all affected by this. If the earth is sick, so will be us humans, as is the case we are living in today's times. Society needs to care for each other and to nurture GAIA, the earth for a harmonious existence.

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Greg Reitman's Rooted in Peace, is a film that challenges viewers to examine their values as Americans and human beings. Greg's film journey takes notice of the world we live in, and proactively seek ways to find personal and ecological peace, and stop the cycle of violence.

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The film relies not only on memoir, but also interviews with such luminaries and activists a learns from all of them, and heeds Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's words, that if the forest is to be green, every tree must be green; if there's going to be Peace on earth, then everybody needs to experience that quality of Peace within themselves. And so in asking viewers to do the same, Reitman poses the basic question: How do we want to live?

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The Mission of the Salus Wellbeing Network of the United Nations Recreational Staff Council is bring people together to create a network for wellbeing and community building worldwide.

susana bastarica president of salus wellness network

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Greg Reitman is a director, producer, writer, and active member of the Director's Guild of America. Described by Movie Maker Magazine as "one of the top ten filmmakers producing content that impacts our world," he is the founder of Blue Water Entertainment, Inc.