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Plato's ecologically cautionary words

Global warming, climate change, pollution, the list goes on and on… We are constantly being warned that if we do not change our ways that we may permanently alter our environment. However, ecological issues and the human misuse of our natural environment and the resulting long-term consequences are not unique to our times. Nearly 2,500 years ago, Plato lamented over the land degradation that stripped the once lush hills of Greece.

The breathtaking beauty of Grecian landscape is epic, an ancient land of myth and unrivaled beauty. The inspiration for countless artists and poets… enchanting blue skies and sparkling turquoise waters, strikingly beautiful terrain; dry, rugged and barren in some areas, while fertile and green in others. However, despite the beauty of its environment, modern Greece is facing many environmental issues such as acid rain, air pollution, soil erosion, and desertification to name a few. Are modern Greeks to blame for all of the environmental woes they are facing?

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